Disney On The Cheap!

Ok, so you’re thinking about going – but when should you do it? This depends on a few things  – mostly, if you’re taking children with you. If you are going with children you have to be mindful of school vacation times, so have to go in the Easter holidays – which means the parks will be super-busy, and everything is more expensive – including flights, the villa and the park tickets themselves. I kid you not – Disney World even raises its food prices during these busy times of the year. If you can avoid the school holidays, you’ll save a significant amount of money.

While £500ish is decent – there are some tricks to find REAL. You could fly to New York numerous times for £200 return, and find tickets to LA for £300 – you just need to know what you’re doing. Don’t fly into Orlando – If you are hiring a car, you don’t necessarily have to fly into Orlando International Airport. There are other, cheaper airports not too far away which are a short drive to Orlando. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible Orland International Airport is the cheapest, but its worth checking the prices of Miami International Airport, Tampa International Airport, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach too. Try your best to try and find a workable price so that you could stay on property at Disney World but if not it’s not the end of the world when searching for Disneyland Vacation Homes. If you plan to be there for two weeks, the thought of waking up and looking out of the window to see zebra at Animal Kingdom Lodge is magical. But the price is eye-wateringly steep. If you’re going to the parks and plan to get express tickets for the family (going with two adults and two kids) the passes will cost you £280. However – if you stay one night at the hotel, it will cost you £215 (don’t forget cashback!) saving a whopping £65 (and potentially saving you a night at your current hotel/villa – depending on that cost).

It can be so hard to find a reasonable rate for ANY Disney hotel for the two weeks, and you could be getting quoted between £6,000 – £18,000 for the stay. Some people will say its worth it – but most just can’t pay that kind of money. At the time, there was free dining too if you had booked an on-property resort, but it may not seem enough to justify that cost. Repeat after me – get your holiday insurance as soon as you book ANYHING to do with your holdiay. Bought a flight? Right – get insurance straight away.

People often think that insurance is to cover them once they’ve taken off on holiday from accidents, but no – it covers you from the second you’ve booked. The airline gone bust? It’s cool – you’re covered. Mickey shut down Disney? Don’t break a sweat (Joking, it would be the worst – but you know what I mean).

Before you get on the comparison sites, make sure to check you’re not already covered but don’t realise it. Many bank accounts which charge a monthly fee has extra benefits such as travel insurance.

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